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We can connect you to a Transplant Mentor, a volunteer who has received a transplant relevant to your case, cared for a family member or friend, a living donor, or the member of a donor family. Transplant Mentors have been trained by Gift of Life and accept the responsibility to meet the standards expected within the program. They do not offer medical advice but encourage patients to be their own best advocate, they can also help you navigate within your hospital program.

These volunteers have been in your shoes and are happy to help you begin by learning how to track questions during your initial medical visits, understand the terminology, the importance of compliance pre- and post-transplant…and how to feel at ease with the gift received.

The Transplant Mentors program originated in Kansas City in 2009. We are pleased to announce this program is being offered to all transplant hospitals in the nation. To connect with a Transplant Mentor contact Andy Donnelly.

Andy Donnelly
Program Manager

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