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Golf Fore Life

Isabelle Ellis

Golf Fore Life 2020

Isabelle died at the age of three waiting for a heart transplant. Her family started this annual golf tournament to help Gift of Life pursue its mission to provide support, awareness and success of organ, eye and tissue donation through education, mentoring and collaboration with partners and individuals in the transplant community.

Details to follow!

GoSeeDo 2020 Give To Live


Contributions received through August 7, $132,722. Thank you!

A Message from Co-Chairs Adele Hoch & Andrew Widman

The decision to cancel GOSEEDO 2020 was not a light hearted one and created a revenue shortfall of $90,000 for this event. The fundraising campaign GIVE TO LIVE exceeded our expectations with contributions of $132,722 as of August 7.

Thank you, to the GOSEEDO 2020 sponsors for honoring your sponsorship as a contribution to the organization for 2020. Thank you, to the over 200 contributors for your overwhelming response to the GIVE TO LIVE fundraising campaign.

Gift of Life is a place where families on a transplant journey can find hope; families who have experienced a loss can honor their loved ones; and high school students seeking ways to make a difference are empowered to make a choice which may one day save a life.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 1st for GOSEEDO 2021, as we remain hopeful and positive.

With Gratitude,

Adele & Andrew


2020 Give To Live Contributors

These generous contributors have made a lead gift of $5,000 or greater to the GIVE TO LIVE campaign.

Ann & Bill McCort
Carroll Burger
Jerry & Donna Ellerbusch

In memory of Deborah

Rensen House of Lights
Rob & Connie Waldrop
David & Jeri Kling
Jim & Teresa Sorlie

Additional Contributors Include:

Alix & Sean Kumer, MD
Andy & Tammy Heath
Bethany Kent

In honor of Jan & Larry Blaylock

Bill Garton
Brandy & Scott Alexander
Brenda Brock & Kelly Sturgeon
Chad & Sarah Smith
David & Carole Roemer
Drew & Mieke Harbur
Greg Baugh
James Gencur
Jane Norton
Jennifer Stipetich

In memory of Carol Jean DeFeo

John Bennett

In memory of Robin Bennett

Josh Mugge
Kathleen & Randy Parker
Andy & Laurie Teich
Anna & Chuck Sajovic
Barbie Ginavan
Brad & Courtney McClintock
Candace & Alexis Boeh

In memory of Hillary Boeh

Connie Anderson
Corey & Becky Means
Bob Felix

In honor of Debra Sue Felix

Doug & Molly Hundley

In memory of Keith Anderson

Gary & Janice Smith
Gil Alicea & Barbara Zitwer

In honor of Luke Harbur

Hollie Resseguie

In honor of Kim Bowen Harbur

Jacqueline Bennett
Tina Norton

In memory of J. Scott Stewart

Jim & Karen Day
Jim & Rachel Grilliot

In honor of Conor Rock

John & Becky Turner
Kristie Kennedy
Larry & Peggy McMillin
Lisa Morstadt
Lynn Hillstead

In memory of Hillary Boeh

David & Lori Russell
David & Rachel Sosland

Philanthropic Fund of the

Jewish Community Foundation

of Greater Kansas City

Mike & Laura Reilly
Wyatt & Mary Ann Hoch
Dennis & Jenny Cunningham
Chris Harbur
Brad Mattivi
Scott & Brenda Mattivi
Greg Musil
Yvonne Robertson
John & Nell Bowen
Maryanne Behm
Leslie Anderson
Liz Anne McElhaney
Eric Swim
Inez Ferrel
Phyllis Leach

In honor of brother Jay

Colby Rock

In honor of Conor Rock

Carol Benson
Duke & Barbara Frye
Glen & Jean Beatty

In memory of all our loved ones

Jan & Larry Finn

In honor of Scott Holden

Jan Ross
Jeffrey & Margo Tasker
Jeffrey Ellis
Jim & Terri Maloney
Kelly & Pam Wilkinson
Kitty Nicholson
Mae Hudson
Norma Payne
Ricci Wells
Tina Kirsch
Eurofins ViraCor-IBT Laboratories, Inc.
First State Bank & Trust Co.
Barb & Jim McNeile

In memory of Larry Koenigsdorf

Barbara Brelsford
Betty Reese

In honor of Luke Harbur

Wes & Dale Grube
Dana Totzke
Dave & Julie Jenkins

In honor of Abby

Granddaughter of David & Jeri Kling

Deanna Johnson Culver
Frank & Lynne Morris
Gary Dixon

In memory of Chris Hutson Jr.

Jim & Judy McKee
Joel & Tracy Van Camp
David W. Russell Family Charitable Fund

In honor of Nate & Kim Harbur

Eric & Charlene Hughes
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Scott & Andrea Boeh-Sheridan
Gerry & Cathy Czir
Susan & Lane Green
Mike & Andrea Jensen
David & Lydia Jeter
Steve & Eunice Ruttinger
Roderick & Wyatt Townley
Jerry & Janice Weaver
Lisa & Bob Zimmerer
Karey Behm

In memory of Hillary Boeh

Lisa Christensen

In honor of Conor Rock

Sandy Edwards

In honor of Derek

Charles & Diane Barnes
Kimberly Cobb
John & Jeanni Hrabal

In memory of Aaron & Melody Drake

Edward Walsh
Milt & Anne Strader
John Warren
Steve Robertson

In memory of Kathy Dickerson

Joe & Sally Jackson
Barbara Schneider

John & Joyce Burns
Mike & Teresa Murrell
Todd & Susan Dublin

In honor of the Harbur family

Jane & William Newell
Frederick Starrett
James & Curtisha Anderson
Shelley & Sam Elias

In honor of Cameron Elias

Lisa & Michael Holleron
Shawn Warfield

In memory of Kathy Dickerson

John & Mary Wilson

In honor of Conor Rock

Janice Tow
Chris Blankenship
Jason Lourenco
William & Pat McKenna
Steven Abernathey
Andy & Tiffany Donnelly
Jon Cooper
Jeff & Tammy Rock

In honor of Conor’s donor

John & Carol Dobies
Dan & Sharon Spencer
Tom & Winnie Davis
Karen Hallouer
Lana & Frank Rock

In honor of Conor Rock

Lori Clark
Margaret Steele

In honor of Michael Holleron & Stephanie Meyer

Michael & Ali Mattivi
Patti Hill
Randy & Carol Cunningham

In honor of Conor Rock

Richard & Debbie Mays
Rita Shelton
Robert & Marilynn Stephan
Steve & Suzanne Nootz
Sue & Matt Mehl

In memory of Nan Froelich

Susan West
Eurofins ViraCor Biopharma Services, Inc.
Michael & Vicki Graft
Kurt & Terri Baumgartner
Maureen Draskovich
Eric & Kelly Lacey
Kathy & David Kratofil
Amy McClure
Conor Rock
Dan Roemer
Josh Spexarth
Chuck & Antonia Wurth
Betsy Donnelly

In honor of Andy Donnelly

Mark Mosier

In honor of Rebecca Kolsky

Dale & Terri Simon

In honor of Jeff & Tammy Rock

Glenn & Kim Winkler

In honor of Conor Rock

Bob & Meta Watson

In honor of the Watson family

Melynda & Mike Hatch

In honor of Conor Rock

Tammy & Jeff Rock

In honor of Conor Rock & Chad Smith

Carol & Fred Watts
CompAlliance LLC
David & Kristy Stallings
Elliott & Linda Goldstein
Julian Murillo & Madison Hatch

In honor of Conor Rock

Kenneth Collins
Lori Rinehart
Mike & Shawn Moore
Mitch & Mackenzie Schiff

In honor of Conor Rock

Pete & Cindy Burton
Steve & Stacey Butler
Tim & Marsha Reves

In memory of Al Hatch

Timothy & Julie Steele

In honor of Jackie Fair

Mallory Beem
Kevin Bennett

In honor of Conor Rock & Chad Smith

Kris & Cathy Drake
Marshall Widman

In honor of Andrew Widman & his donor family

Nate & Kim Harbur

In memory of Aaron Drake

Patricia Sisk
Ronald & Mary Shortridge
Scott & Susan Anderson
Sherri & Dan Doherty
Stacey & Debi Strange

In honor of Conor Rock

Stan & Kathy Risener
Stephanie & Bryan Meyer
Stevie & Shelly Pessin

In memory of Mike Ravis

Terry Flynn & Michelle Gerber

In memory of Erin Langhofer

Mark & Linda Crider

In honor of Conor Rock

Pam & Mark Brandsted, MD
Virginia Todd
Pat & Joan Jaeger
Patrick Faust
Patty & Terry Adams

In memory of Thomas & Joseph Connelly

Sydney Martin
Vickie Mattivi

In memory of Greg Mattivi

Betty Lutz
Gage Medical Services LLC
Susan Mayberry
Miles & Meri Harbur
Rodney & Connie Sommer

In memory of Drew Bodenhausen

Luke Harbur

In honor of Nate, Kim & Cole Harbur

David & Michelle Kratofil

In honor of Kathy Kratofil

Lisa & Brian Bodenhausen

In memory of Drew Bodenhausen

Megan Case

In honor of Luke Harbur

Cole Harbur

In honor of Kim Harbur

2020 GoSeeDoKC Sponsors

After the cancellation of GOSEEDO, these sponsors honored their sponsorship commitment as a contribution to the organization for 2020. Thank you!

Community Partners
(Pledged gifts of $5,000 or greater
for at least three consecutive years)

Jim & Karen Day
Dan & Sherri Doherty
Kris & Cathy Drake

Fairway Independent Mortgage

Jerry & Donna Ellerbusch

In Memory of Deborah

Jo & Jamie Forster, MD
Mike & Vicki Graft
Drs. Nick & Jenni Haglund
Nate & Kim Harbur
Alix & Sean Kumer, MD
Olathe Medical Center
Angel & Jody Olson, MD
Margi & Keith Pence
Anne Peterson

In Memory of Bryan Barrow

Rensen House of Lights
Jim & Teresa Sorlie
The University of Kansas Health System
Viracor Eurofins

Corporate Sponsor – $10,000
Midwest Transplant Network

Presenting Sponsor – $5,000
Drs. Charlie Smith & Stella Quiason
The Sherman Family Foundation

Contributing Sponsors – $2,500
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
Brinkmann Constructors
Adele Hoch
Kansas Gas Service
David & Jeri Kling
Scott & Brenda Mattivi
David & Jackie Russell
Chad & Sarah Smith
University of Kansas Health System
Robert & Connie Waldrop

Supporting Sponsors – $1,000
John & Nell Bowen
CompAlliance Managed Care
Gail G. Dicus & Jim Yarrington
Dobies Health Marketing
Mary Lou Garton Trust
Andy & Tammy Heath
Wyatt & Mary Ann Hoch
Amy Honeycutt
Bill Horak Jr.
Eric & Charlene Hughes
David & Lydia Jeter
Jack & Terri McDonnell
Vicki & Greg Muehlebach, MD
David & Carole Roemer
Silverstein Eye Centers, PC
Chad & Melissa Spencer
John J. Sullivan Jr. Charitable Trust
John & Becky Turner
Andrew & Vicki Widman

Event Hosts – $500
Patty & Terry Adams
Gena Bardwell & Tony Tripp
Joe & Kelly Boeh
Mack & Kim Bowen
Pam & Mark Brandsted
Janet & Jay Burton
Marshaun Butler
Tim & Kathy Christenson
Linda Cook
Chris & Aimee Crenshaw
Michele & Brian DeMoss
Shelley & Sam Elias
Chris & Amanda Ellis
First State Bank & Trust Co.
Fusion eBanking
Drs. Betse Gage & Bill Chase
Sid & Terry Garrison
Larry & Jean Garten
Geenens Psychiatry
Todd & Cindy Geiman
Teri & Keith Glover
Mike & Vicki Graft
Donald Hall
Michele & Rich Hendrickson, MD
Doug & Molly Hundley
The Hutson Family

In Memory of Chris

Cheryl Jernigan
Amanda & Brad Koffman

Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community

Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Phyllis Leach
Pete & Pam McHugh
Elizabeth McLeod & Roger Davis
Larry & Peggy McMillin
Morgan Hunter Corporation
OMNI Human Resources Management
Diane Ravis & Mert Hersh
Jennifer & Mark Reintjes, MD
Rev. Kathy Riegelman & Larry Beekman
Dan Roemer
Christy & Patrick Sirridge
David & Rachel Sosland

Philanthropic Fund of the

Jewish Community Foundation of

Greater Kansas City

Dan & Sharon Spencer
Dan & Lisa Stalp
Nancy Tonkins

In Honor of Suzy Ward

Chris & Jason Van Camp
Barbara & Bradley Warady, MD
Bob & Meta Watson
Dan & Joan Welch
Victor & Susan Wilson

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