Organ & Tissue Recipients

The Gift Grows Up!

Pediatric Liver Recipient - Luke Harbur
Luke received his transplant over 20 years ago at the age of 11 months old. He shares his appreciation for his donor family and reflects on why organ donation matters.

Patience & Perseverance

Kidney Recipient - Nancy Post
Nancy is a prime example of patience during the transplant process. She waited 16 months before receiving a kidney transplant. With time came success, she has been a kidney recipient for over 27 years.

The Toll of Diabetes

Kidney & Pancreas Recipient – Lisa Zimmerer
Diabetes was taking a toll on Lisa’s life. A kidney and pancreas transplant changed her path.

Lisa Zimmerer’s diabetes robbed her of her eye sight, but not her ability […]

Breath. Walk. Breath.

Double Lung Recipient – Sharon Kelly
How much oxygen did Sharon need just to walk 8 feet? Learn why she is grateful for the gift of life and wants to honor her donor as a […]

I Honor my Donor

2X Kidney Recipient – Sam Loughmiller
After decades of taking care of his kidney with a special diet and dialysis, Sam finally received the transplant that saved him from more years of dialysis and enables […]

Paying It Forward

Liver Recipient – Andy Donnelly
The first medical center sent Andy home with instructions to get his affairs in order. His local transplant hospital thought a life-saving liver transplant would be the better alternative. Now […]