Organ & Tissue Recipients

Patiently Waiting for the Ultimate Gift

Kidney/Pancreas Recipient – Ashleigh Moulder
Ashleigh remained strong for her three year old daughter as her transplant journey included being aware of her daughter’s needs.

A Family’s Triumph over PKD

Kidney Recipient – Monique Krivena & Living Donor Brother Nick Simien
Nick’s kidney donation to Monique demonstrates a special bond formed through the highest act of giving!

My Transplant Journey While Battling PSC

Liver Recipient - Pete McHugh & Wife Pam
Pete & Pam share the importance of support and education before, during and after a transplant.

A Team Effort

Liver Recipient - Kathy Kratofil & Family
Kathy shares how important family support was during her long battle with liver disease.

Blessed Twice by the Age of 22

2X Liver Recipient - Conor Rock & Family
Conor’s health journey began at the age 9 and now he lives a full life giving back as a nurse. He received two gifts of life-one from a living donor and the other from a generous donor family.

A Second Chance at Life Found Through Social Media

Kidney Recipient - Alonzo Jamison & Wife Colleen
When Alonzo played basketball for the University of Kansas he never dreamed he would need a kidney transplant and find his donor on social media.