Donor Stories

Blair’s Legacy of Giving

Blair’s Story – Michele Shanahan DeMoss
Michele’s decision for Blair to become an organ donor may have given new life to at least 6 people between the ages of 6 and 60. Since then, the […]

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The Power of a Giving Spirit

Jarrod’s Story – Jerri Carroll
Today, Jerri shares Jarrod’s story through the Life Savers high school program offered by Gift of Life. Sharing his story helps her cope with his passing and gives others a […]

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Remembering Isabelle

Donor Father – Chris Ellis
Isabelle Ellis lost her battle waiting for a heart transplant at age 3.

Donor father Chris walks you through the painful journey that caused their little girl, Isabelle, to become an […]

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Dena’s Gift

Donor Father – Larry McMillin
Donor father Larry speaks to students about the value of life. Larry and his family lost Dena the day she turned sixteen. As a donor father, he encourages others to […]

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Remembering Chris Brown a Young Man of Character

Donor Parents – Bob & Tonya Brown
Chris initiated a conversation with his parents about donation after receiving his driver’s license. His selfless act now lives on through all of the recipient families he […]

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The Circle of Life – Sharing Bryan’s Story

Donor Mother – Anne Peterson
Anne Peterson was a founding board member of Gift of Life – Years before she expected to become a donor mother. When she lost her son Bryan Barrow due to […]

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