Donor Advocates

The Message is Simple

Hospital Director - Marshaun Butler
Marshaun encourages you to think about your legacy now.

Life is a Gift

Recipient Father - Nate Harbur
Nate truly understands how the gift of life saved the life of his son. Luke received a liver transplant when he was an infant thanks to the gift of another young boy Aaron.

Brotherhood & Gratitude

Recipient Brother – Cole Harbur
Cole was 2 years old when his 11 month old brother Luke received a liver transplant. He shares his gratitude for 8 year old Aaron, Luke’s donor as well as […]

Burned But Not Broken

Tissue Recipient & Donor Uncle – Michael Nolte
Michael wrote a book Burned But Not Broken about the car explosion that nearly claimed his life shortly after he became a donor uncle for his namesake […]