An Update From Gift of Life

You are resilient. You have known hope before. You have experienced heart ache and loss. Perhaps you have saved the life of another. Even though these times are very daunting, you have many blessings. Let your hairstylist know how much you appreciate them. Reach out to a friend in need. Opportunities are in front of all of us even though we feel the darkness may be in our way.

Gift of Life has found new opportunities during this time, through innovative initiatives. Transplant Mentors is now offered in twelve additional transplant centers spanning from the University of Southern California to JJP Bronx VA Hospital in New York City. We are contacting the 250 transplant centers in the nation, to make them aware of this free program. Learn Life Savers our online lessons for high school students and teachers ( received 122,000 hits during the month of April. Due to the uncertainty of schools reopening in the fall, we are preparing to Zoom into classrooms, anytime, anywhere. The St. Louis expansion of Life Savers, made possible by the Mid-America Transplant Foundation, continues strong efforts to contact teachers regarding this learning opportunity for their students. Work is not business as usual. We are developing Gift of Life’s new normal.

The staff is working remotely from their homes and we are available by phone or email. We would love to hear from each of you, even if it is just a simple “hello.”

Stay safe, stay healthy & stay positive,

Gift Of Life Staff Signatures

Gift of Life Zoom Photo