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When Nate and Kim Harbur’s son, Luke, needed a pediatric liver transplant in 1996, the shortage of available organs and lack of awareness became apparent. During this time, Melody and Kris Drake lost their eight year old son, Aaron, due to a tragic accident while camping in the Ozarks. Luke received Aaron’s liver and now lives a full life.

Following his recovery, the Harburs joined forces with others, including the Drake family, to create Gift of Life, a nonprofit organization that offers educational information to schools, civic groups and spiritual communities. Annually, Gift of Life reaches 30,000 students and their families through the Life Savers℠ program and more through community out reach. The Transplant Mentors program provides volunteers to assist individuals and their families during their transplant journey.

20 Years of Saving Lives

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In the interest of nonprofit transparency, the Board of Directors makes available the organization’s annual audits and 990 tax reports.

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Luke Harbur

Luke Harbur is grateful for the gift that he received from Aaron.

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