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New to the Transplant Journey?
If you are new to the transplant journey, have just learned that you have been listed, or have questions, now is the time to call upon the many resources and information that are available to you at no charge. Thanks to a generous gift from the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund and American Century Investments, Gift of Life offers a variety of videos and online resources.

Transplant Resources Index

Transplant Mentors

We can connect you to a Transplant Mentor, a volunteer who has received a transplant relevant to your case, cared for a family member or friend, a living donor, or the member of a donor family. Transplant Mentors have been trained by Gift of Life and accept the responsibility to meet the standards expected within the program. They do not offer medical advice but encourage patients to be their own best advocate, they can also help you navigate within your hospital program.

These volunteers have been in your shoes and are happy to help you begin by learning how to track questions during your initial medical visits, understand the terminology, the importance of compliance pre- and post-transplant…and how to feel at ease with the gift received.

To connect with a Transplant Mentor contact Andy Donnelly, Program Manager, or 913-851-1947.

Pre+Post: Transplant Conversation
An introduction to the Transplant Mentors program and services offered by Gift of Life.

The Importance of Family, Friends and Support
Heart Recipient, David & Lydia Jeter

Video Resources for Transplant Recipients and Caregivers

How to Help Your Surgeon
Dr. Sean Kumer, Transplant Surgeon, Center for Transplantation, University of Kansas Hospital

The Importance of Compliance and Adherence
Dr. Jameson Forster, Transplant Surgeon, Saint Luke’s Hospital

The Important Role of Caregivers
Marilee Clites, Medical Professional,The Transplant Institute at Research Medical Center

Need a Checklist?

Your medical team should always be your first resource for medical advice and questions regarding your transplant journey. Kidney recipient Dan Coronado made his own checklist so he would be prepared for each visit with his doctors and transplant team. He has offered to share this list as an example of questions you may wish to consider. Do you have other tips to add? Email them to and we’ll begin a log to help the next patient!

Kansas City Area Transplant Hospitals and Programs

The Transplant Institute at Research Medical Center

Saint Luke’s Hospital

Kidney Recipient
A New Life – Dan Coronado

Living Donor
A Sibling’s Gift – Deb Sager & Josh Peters

Center for Transplantation at the University of Kansas Hospital
(Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Bone Marrow)

Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics

The Transition to Adult Care
Dr. Bradley Warady, Chief Nephrologist, Children’s Mercy Hospital

Pediatric Liver Transplant
The Gift Grows Up! – Luke Harbur Liver Recipient and Kris Drake, Donor Father

Living Kidney Donation
Encouragement Through Parents Care

Pediatric Transplant Support
Success is a Team Effort

Transplant Registration, Information and Donor Family Resources

Midwest Transplant Network
With a mission to save lives by honoring the gift of donation with dignity and compassion, Midwest Transplant Network (MTN) has been connecting lives in the Kansas and western Missouri communities for 40 years. MTN is a federally certified not-for-profit Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) and works with donors, donor families and hospitals to extend legacies, provide hope and give life.

Support and Communication Between Donor and Recipient Families

Midwest Transplant Network Donor Family Care Program

Blair’s Story
Michele Shanahan DeMoss, donor mother

Jarrod’s Story
Jerri Carroll, donor mother

Financial Assistance

American Transplant Foundation
The American Transplant Foundation helps provide financial assistance to the most vulnerable transplant patients and living donors by reimbursing them for lost wages after the surgery, and providing access to lifesaving medications. Through its Patient Assistance Program and 1+1=LIFE Mentorship Program, ATF supports patients in 46 states with a specific focus on Colorado.

Understanding Depression, Coping and Emotional Support

Recognizing and Understanding Depression
Peggy McGinnis, The Transplant Institute at Research Medical Center & Gift of Life Transplant Mentor Advisory Committee

Safety Net and Mental Health Resources

Kansas City Area Mental and Health Services
The Mid-America Regional Council’s Kansas City Healthcare Initiative offers the Health Resource Guide, a guide to safety net health services in greater Kansas City. Topics include Affordable Care Act enrollment information, safety net clinics, mental health services directory, prescription assistance and additional resources.

Wyandot Center
Offers counseling, support, shelter, food and related information through a number of facilities in the Kansas City Metro area. Call 913-328-4600 or the 24-hour Emergency Line: 913-788-4200.

Web MD:

National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Advance Care Planning and Health Care Directives

The Center for Practical Bioethics Caring Conversation Guide
The Center for Practical Bioethics has graciously offered access to their valuable resource library for your consideration. Caring Conversations® is designed to guide you, your family and your friends through the process of advance care planning. Each copy of Caring Conversations includes a healthcare directive form and a durable power of attorney for healthcare form.

Helpful Links to General Topics

United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS)
Our mission is to advance organ availability and transplantation by uniting and supporting our communities for the benefit of patients through education, technology and policy development.

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients
SRTR responsibilities include designing and carrying out rigorous scientific analyses of data and disseminating information to the transplant community, including transplant programs, organ procurement organizations, policy makers, transplant professionals, transplant recipients, organ donors and donor families, and the general public.

Lung Transplant Information

Web MD – Liver transplant

Web MD – Kidney transplant

Web MD – Heart transplant

Web MD – Lung transplant

Web MD Pancreas transplant

TRIO – Transplant Recipients International Organization
Kansas City Chapter:

Heartland Kidney Program

Missouri Kidney Program

PKD Foundation

National Kidney Foundation

American Liver Foundation

Saving Sight (Formerly Heartland Lion’s Eye Bank)

Grief Support (Kansas City Metro) – Adult

Crossroads Hospice
Gladstone and Kansas City locations

KC Hospice
1500 Meadow Lake Parkway Suite 200
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

Hospice House – Olathe Medical Center

Church of the Resurrection
Thursday night program  5:30 dinner, 6:30 program

Grief Support (Loss of a Child)

Compassionate Friends
Providing grief support after the death of a child
National Office: 877.969.0010
Local Office: 816.941.3904

Other Transplant Centers

Mayo Clinic Transplant

Stanford Medical Center

University of Pittsburgh

Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis

Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Nebraska Medical Center