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Learn Life Savers is an easy online 30 minute lesson plan for teachers. It provides information about organ, eye and tissue donation so students can make an informed decision. Students are encouraged to share their decision about donation with a loved one…because the conversation matters!

Life Savers BannerLife Savers is a high school classroom presentation that encourages individuals to share their informed decisions about organ, eye and tissue donation with their loved ones by having a conversation…because the conversation matters. This program is offered free of charge.

Presentations are designed to reach classrooms of any size and are often offered to health, psychology, sociology, science, physical education and drivers’ education classes. High schools may choose an assembly format as well, that may be designed to meet the needs of your school community.

The classroom presentation includes:

  • What organs and tissues can be donated?
  • Criteria for organ and tissue donors
  • Presenting the top 5 myths regarding donation
  • Explanation that signing a driver’s license is not enough
  • Explanation that a conversation with your family is the most important step to becoming a donor

After the presentation the students are asked to have a conversation with their family regarding donation. Gift of Life provides Life Savers brochures for the students to answer seven questions after they have shared their decision about donation with a loved one. The completed brochures are returned to Gift of Life by the teacher and the data is used for office purposes only to measure the outcomes of the Life Savers program.

The goal of the program is to educate and empower individuals about donation and encourage them to share their decision with their loved ones…because the conversation matters!


Our Voice in the Community

Kim Harbur ClassroomKim Bowen Harbur, Director of Education and Co-Founder of Gift of if Life, is a presenter for school and civic presentations. With extensive experience as an educator, and as a recipient mother, she holds a unique appreciation for “The Gift of Life.” Her son Luke received a pediatric liver transplant in Kansas City in 1996.

Tammy RockTammy Rock joined the Gift of Life staff as an educator in 2015. Her son Conor has received two liver transplants. Her personal knowledge, bundled with her enthusiasm for the cause, brings organ, eye and tissue donation awareness to a whole new level.

Kelly BoehKelly Boeh shares her perspective as a donor mother. Her daughter Hillary died at the age of five and became an organ donor. Kelly’s strong passion for organ donation is apparent when she shares her story.

Curtisha AndersonCurtisha Anderson provides firsthand knowledge to high school students about organ, eye and tissue donation. Diagnosed at the age of 14 with Lupus and on dialysis in high school her story brings the power of donation front and center.

Suzy WardSuzy Ward shares her story of how her uncle received a life-saving heart transplant. Thanks to the generous support of Mid America Transplant Foundation, Suzy represents Gift of Life in St. Louis as a Life Savers educator.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions regarding the Life Savers program or organ, eye and tissue donation please email:

Kim Harbur
Director of Education

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