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The urgent need for organ and tissue donation

  • 85% of Americans believe in organ and tissue donation
  • Only one-third of the available organ donors’ families actually give the gift of life.
  • Another name is added to the national waiting list every 13 minutes
  • 17 people per day die due to a lack of available organs
  • One organ donor can potentially save 8 lives and enhance more than 50 lives through tissue donation…
Make a difference with Gift of Life
Throughout the year Gift of Life offers programs to schools, faith communities and employee groups. We can develop an on-site program specifically tailored to address the needs of your group. We also offer the Life Savers℠ program which provides tools and training so you can have the discussion with those close to you.

Talk to your loved ones
Many families who confront death may not be prepared to make their loved one’s organs and tissue available for donation. Most families have not discussed their wishes. When the question of organ and tissue donation is raised by medical professionals at the time of tragedy, the family of a potential donor, which has not been educated about this urgent need, may see the question as an intrusion or a matter that they cannot address in their time of sorrow.


  1. Talk to your family or loved ones
  2. Sign your drivers license
  3. Sign up for the donor registry in Missouri or Kansas


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