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Gift of Life has many volunteer opportunities. We offer a trained speakers bureau of recipients, their families, donor families and living donors. Gift of Life needs volunteer support from high school students and civic leaders who would like to bring awareness to their school or work place.

Our Transplant Mentors are trained volunteers who provide encouragement and support to new transplant recipients, living donors, those waiting for a transplant and their families.

Throughout the year volunteers are welcome to serve on a committee, assist with events or lend a hand in the Gift of Life office. Don’t rule out simple ways to help, because you can make a difference.

Volunteers of the Year

Become A VolunteerMilt Strader, kidney recipient, received the Michael Ravis Leadership Award for his leadership to the Life Savers high school classroom program. This award was established by Diane Ravis, recipient spouse, in memory of her husband. The Goodyear Award honored Nancy Post for her readiness and willingness to do anything that needs to be done at any time. Thank you to the over two hundred volunteers that gave their valuable time in 2016.

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