The Power of a Giving Spirit
Jarrod Carroll’s Legacy

Jerri Carroll became a donor mother when she lost her son Jarrod, a student at Lee’s Summit North High School in 2002. It was the day they took school pictures – Jarrod’s last. She got a call at 2:55 pm from a police officer who told Jerri that Jarrod had been hit on his bicycle and taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital. As Jerri left work she received a second call from the same officer that Jarrod was being transferred to trauma care center. As a medical professional, Jerri knew this meant his body was in critical condition. He passed away at 10:55 a.m. the day after the accident.

Organ and tissue donation was frequently discussed at work; however, she never thought their family would have to face this decision for one of her children. Together, Jarrod’s family made the decision to donate his organs; within a 12-hour period he was able to save 4 lives. In 2008 the family met Lee, a young man from Florida, who received Jarrod’s heart when he was thirteen.

Today, Jerri shares Jarrod’s story through the Life Savers high school program offered by Gift of Life. Sharing his story helps her cope with his passing and gives others a chance to imagine the power of Jarrod’s outgoing, giving, and care-free, spirit.

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