Organ & Tissue Recipients

The Toll of Diabetes

Kidney & Pancreas Recipient – Lisa Zimmerer
Diabetes was taking a toll on Lisa’s life. A kidney and pancreas transplant changed her path.

Lisa Zimmerer’s diabetes robbed her of her eye sight, but not her ability […]

Breath. Walk. Breath.

Double Lung Recipient – Sharon Kelly
How much oxygen did Sharon need just to walk 8 feet? Learn why she is grateful for the gift of life and wants to honor her donor as a […]

I Honor my Donor

2X Kidney Recipient – Sam Loughmiller
After decades of taking care of his kidney with a special diet and dialysis, Sam finally received the transplant that saved him from more years of dialysis and enables […]

Paying It Forward

Liver Recipient – Andy Donnelly
The first medical center sent Andy home with instructions to get his affairs in order. His local transplant hospital thought a life-saving liver transplant would be the better alternative. Now […]

A New Year’s Story

Liver Recipient – Sandy Edwards
Liver recipient Sandy offers words of gratitude.

Sandy Edwards was an operating room nurse and had assisted with transplants. As a single mom with three strapping boys she just wanted Christmas […]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Liver Recipient - Amy Honeycutt
Amy received a liver transplant within days after experiencing a severe allergic reaction. After her transplant, she became a nurse and she has learned not to sweat the small stuff.