Living Donor Stories

Living Kidney Donation

Living Kidney Donation
Encouragement Through Parent Care

When the Ghosey family realized that their youngest daughter needed a kidney transplant, their journey began as a team. From the time that home [...]

The Sibling Bond

Kidney Recipient – Josh Peters
Teaching Children the Value of Gifts

Did you know that a person can be a living kidney donor? Josh learned that when his sister donated one of her kidneys to save […]

Giving Hope

Living Liver Donor - Ginger Ireland
Helping Dad Stay Busy

Ginger Ireland’s childhood, education, job and family revolve around Kansas City, Missouri. For Ginger, Kansas City has always been home [...]

Mom’s Gift

Living Kidney Recipient - Katelyn Walser
A Special Mother’s Day!

Living kidney donor Lynn Walser and her daughter, Katelyn Walser made the day special. Now she’s a nurse helping other children each day. [...]

The Kidney Race

Kidney Recipient - Eric Otte
A New Kind of Marathon

Kidney recipient Eric Otte set his own health aside for others. That changed. When Eric told his fiancée (now wife) that he needed a life-saving [...]

Gift to Our Daughter

Living Kidney Donor – Lowell Ghosey
Helping the Next Family

Pediatric living kidney donors Lowell Teresa Ghosey have both given a kidney to their daughter. They serve as mentors to other families who have children with […]