Transplant Stories

Bryan’s Light

Gift of Life Co-Founder Kim Harbur
Bryan’s Life Mattered

Gift of Life Co-Founder Kim Harbur knew Bryan Barrow, and reflects how his legacy saved others. It was a tragic night when Bryan Barrow lost his life in [...]

How do I Say Thanks?

Heart Recipient - Keith Kopf
Surprised A Transplant Was Needed

Heart recipient Keith Kopf was worked out regularly and was the picture of health. The road to a heart transplant was a surprise to Keith Kopf and his family [...]

No Gamble

Kidney & Pancreas Recipient - Lisa Zimmerer
The Toll of Diabetes

Diabetes was taking a toll on Lisa’s life. A kidney and pancreas transplant changed her path. Lisa Zimmerer's diabetes robbed her of her eye sight, [...]

Mom’s Gift

Living Kidney Recipient - Katelyn Walser
A Special Mother’s Day!

Living kidney donor Lynn Walser and her daughter, Katelyn Walser made the day special. Now she’s a nurse helping other children each day. [...]

Heartfelt Thanks

Heart Recipient's daughter - Danna Dahl
Our Blessing: Father, Husband, Grandfather

Dwight Douglas’ family understands the gift of two heart transplants. Danna Dahl’s father, Dwight Douglas, has received two life-saving heart transplants [...]

Moving Forward

Donor Grandmother - Beulah Gaskin
Bruce was a Peacekeeper

Donor grandmother Beulah Gaskin shares how a family moves forward after a senseless murder. Beulah's grandson Bruce was murdered when he [...]

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