Transplant Stories

The Sibling Bond

Kidney Recipient – Josh Peters
Teaching Children the Value of Gifts

Did you know that a person can be a living kidney donor? Josh learned that when his sister donated one of her kidneys to save […]

Caregiving Friends

Caregiver Support – Marilee Clites
Understanding the Value of Support

In transplant stories, a caregiver does not have to be a family member, spouse or partner. This was Marilee Clites’ case, who became a caregiver to […]

Patience & Perseverance

Kidney Recipient – Nancy Post
Friends and Co-worker Support

Nancy Post is a prime example of patience during the transplant process. She waited 16 months before receiving a kidney transplant. With time came success: as of […]

Giving Hope

Living Liver Donor - Ginger Ireland
Helping Dad Stay Busy

Ginger Ireland’s childhood, education, job and family revolve around Kansas City, Missouri. For Ginger, Kansas City has always been home [...]

A Team Effort

Liver Recipient - Kathy Kratofil
A Game with Extra Innings

Spinning glasses, yoga and family are part of every day for liver recipient Kathy Kratofil. Do you know people who never relax? Their presence and energy [...]

Finding our Voice

Donor Parents - Bob & Tonya Brown
Chris Brown’s Choice was to be a Life Saver

After their son was killed by a drunk driver, donor parents Tonya and Bob Brown have found their voice. By sharing the story of their son, Chris [...]

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