Transplant Stories

The Gift Grows Up!

Pediatric Liver Recipient – Luke Harbur
Luke Harbur Liver Recipient and Kris Drake, Donor Father

Luke Harbur received his liver transplant nearly 20 years ago. He shares his appreciation for the gift of life and the […]

The Sibling Bond

Kidney Recipient – Josh Peters
Teaching Children the Value of Gifts

Did you know that a person can be a living kidney donor? Josh learned that when his sister donated one of her kidneys to save […]

Patience & Perseverance

Kidney Recipient – Nancy Post
Friends and Co-worker Support

Nancy Post is a prime example of patience during the transplant process. She waited 16 months before receiving a kidney transplant. With time came success: as of […]

Finding our Voice

Donor Parents - Bob & Tonya Brown
Chris Brown’s Choice was to be a Life Saver

After their son was killed by a drunk driver, donor parents Tonya and Bob Brown have found their voice. By sharing the story of their son, Chris [...]

Bryan’s Light

Gift of Life Co-Founder Kim Harbur
Bryan’s Life Mattered

Gift of Life Co-Founder Kim Harbur knew Bryan Barrow, and reflects how his legacy saved others. It was a tragic night when Bryan Barrow lost his life in [...]

How do I Say Thanks?

Heart Recipient - Keith Kopf
Surprised A Transplant Was Needed

Heart recipient Keith Kopf was worked out regularly and was the picture of health. The road to a heart transplant was a surprise to Keith Kopf and his family [...]