Transplant Stories

Living Kidney Donation

Living Kidney Donation
Encouragement Through Parent Care

When the Ghosey family realized that their youngest daughter needed a kidney transplant, their journey began as a team. From the time that home [...]

Helping Foster Kids

Blair's Story - Michele Shanahan DeMoss
Blair's Legacy of Giving

Independence day began like any other for Michele Shanahan DeMoss with her eleven-year-old daughter Blair and their family. Blair was celebrating [...]

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Jarrod’s Story

The Power of a Giving Spirit
Jarrod Carroll’s Legacy

Jerri Carroll became a donor mother when she lost her son Jarrod, a student at Lee’s Summit North High School in 2002. It was the day they […]

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Family and Friends

Heart Recipient David Jeter and his wife Lydia
A Support Network is Key

In 2005 Lydia Jeter took on the role as primary caregiver to her husband David. The doctors said he needed a heart transplant. […]

The Gift Grows Up!

Pediatric Liver Recipient – Luke Harbur
Luke Harbur Liver Recipient and Kris Drake, Donor Father

Luke Harbur received his liver transplant nearly 20 years ago. He shares his appreciation for the gift of life and the […]

A New Life

Kidney Recipient - Dan Coranado
A New Life

For Dan Coranado, receiving a kidney transplant has taught him about compliance, commitment, and giving one hundred percent to any activity [...]