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Gift of Life is a nonprofit organization in Kansas City that builds awareness of the critical need for organ and tissue donation. Individuals must be empowered to discuss with their families their wishes regarding organ and tissue donation. These family conversations have the power to save lives for those waiting for a transplant.

Outreach programs are adapted for student or adult audiences and may be customized. Programs are lead by Gift of Life staff members and qualified volunteers.

Please contact the Gift of Life office to schedule a presentation for your organization.

Kim Harbur ClassroomOur Voice in the Community

Kim Bowen Harbur, Director of Education and Co-Founder of Gift of if Life, is a presenter for school and civic presentations. With extensive experience as an educator, and as a recipient mother, she holds a unique appreciation for “The Gift of Life.” Her son Luke received a pediatric liver transplant in Kansas City in 1996.

Tammy RockTammy Rock joined the Gift of Life staff as an educator in 2015. Her son Conor has received two liver transplants. Her personal knowledge, bundled with her enthusiasm for the cause, brings organ, eye and tissue donation awareness to a whole new level.