Kidney Recipient – Dan Coronado
A New Life

For Dan Coronado, receiving a kidney transplant has taught him about compliance, commitment, and giving one hundred percent to any activity. When Dan received his new kidney on April 23rd, 2014 he was not aware of the drastic change that would occur in his life. He had become a new man.

Dan was on dialysis for exactly 7 months and 21 days. In the grand scheme of the transplant process, Dan felt dialysis didn’t last too long. He was able to get first-hand advice from one of his nurses who had a kidney transplant in the past. This coincidence, along with his in-depth research about the kidney transplant processes, helped him ease away stress and anxiety throughout his time of healing.

Dan believes that no individual relates to the emotion and practical knowledge of transplantation unless they’ve been through it themselves. In reaching the end of a long journey, he has a new personality.

Through his transplant, Dan believes he has transformed from his old self into his new self. The old Dan was an outdoorsman who hunted elk in the wilderness and believed he was invincible. The new Dan has less energy, tapers his sugar intake, and makes sure he gets a copy of his lab work for his own records.

But most importantly, the new Dan fills his life with positive people; the new Dan grasps each day by the reigns to make them the best he can; the new Dan sees each and every moment as precious.

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